Help a thot out 🙃 Christmas problems


Sooooo been fucking this guy, all safe and mutual respect. We are pretty good mates too so it’s great. He’s not ready for a relationship at the moment (which is cool, we are just going to see what happens)

Im 19 and live with my parents so they have noticed that I have been staying over someone else’s house. So I told them it’s a guy and they know his name so they know where I am in a emergency.

Mum keeps asking “when’s your new boyfriend coming over” and I’ll like nah hes not my bf. She’s thinking I’m just going girly and cute and shy but really I just like shagging boys mum leave me alone.


Tonight my DAD asks if I want to bring this guy over for CHRISTMAS!

Like wtfffff

I also invited him around and he’s coming during the week 🙄🙄🙄

They are going to treat him like a boyfriend and it’s going to be so embarrassing. The last time I introduced her to someone she hugged them and was all like awhhhhh

His parents treat me like any other friend tbh and it’s like cwl whatever.

And I can’t turn back cas he’s all excited 🤷🏻‍♀️

Jan 2018 : lol we are in a relationship now 😂