Would you stay if....

Your significant other hit you? This seems like an obvious answer, however i am just starting to speak the truth about my past.

I am now 4 months postpartum with my baby and my boyfriend. Earlier in our relationship, (earlier this year) and Last December of 2016, my boyfriend and I used to argue a lot. Then it got to a point where we would argue and he would hit me.

Pull my hair, I’d try to leave the house, threw me on the floor, hit me across the face, pillows over my face..... to make long story short he has apologized for everything and though that’s not making his mistake valid or excusable, I never told any one and it’s been months since this has happened so I have forgotten about it. He is powerful. He was strong and manipulative and I did not know how to tell people.

I didn’t know how to tell my mom, sister family friends no one and I’ve kept my mouth shut. It has come up many times and he always says “I’ve said sorry a million times please don’t bring it up” but how can I not? It’s fucked me over mentally and though he has stopped it doesn’t change how I feel. I love the guy. I know he’s good at heart. I just know this isn’t right and I feel theres no coming back after the respect he has for me clearly was hitting me out of “anger.” This is the father of my child. I haven’t had my father in my life because he is deported and I am screaming for help. My whole life I wanted that person to be with throughout my children’s life and I feel that is broken. I know many of you may say “ I am answering my own question”

I know this. I know what the right thing to do is. I just don’t know how to do it please give your thoughts about this RESPECTFULLY.