Want to give up.


My marriage sucks. I try so hard only to get no where. My husband doesn't want to put out in the bedroom but when he does it's all about him. (he always gets his and that's it). I'm lucky if I get 5min of it. I have talked to him so many times about this and nothing seems to change and he doesn't seem to want to change or want to make the change. I'm at the end with these things along with this other problems are growing as well. He doesn't listen to me EVER, always turns things on me, makes excuses and I'm always the problem. (i understand i am at least half the problem but i have wanted our marriage to work and have wanted to put in the work). it's Christmas day and we are fighting because this morning (only 3rd time this month) we had sex and I didn't get mine again. and on top of it im sick.im just so over it. 😒