Quad test


Anyone else make the mistake of doing the quad test blood draw? I did it at my last appointment and the results came back as possibly neural tube defects and Down syndrome... now I’m freaking out, we did an ultrasound but baby was in a horrible position to show us his lower spine and back of his neck... ultrasound tech said that she saw something with his heart and his limbs are measuring 2 weeks behind with those two things the dr says that our baby is more than likely a downs baby... after much crying I went to one of those ultrasound places where they show you your baby in 3D/4d and I told her what was going on, she did my scan, baby still in a bad position to see neck and spine but she did say what she could see of him the top part of his spine looked good, his eyes looked appropriately spaced out, his nasal bone looked to be appropriate length, also what she could see of his heart he had all 4 chambers and that they correct ones were beating... So after all of that and a bunch of research I feel a little better and think my baby is fine but I am scheduled for an amniocentesis tomorrow and I’m scared shitless, do I really need to know that Bad if he will be disabled when he’s born or do I just wait it out... I’m 20 weeks so means I would have another 19 or so of not knowing... I’m so lost as to what to do 😭😭😭