he beat me tonight

I met my husband 6 years ago in college. I came here for school. he has always been a nice , generous , smart man. he has never put his hands on me until now. we were arguing and I admit I was being a little annoying. I was so angry I was getting on his nerves. I am pregnant. I am also originally from Sierra Leone. I don't have any family here. I know only his family. I have pretty much been accepted in his family and spend most my time with them. We are also an interracial couple and I don't want to tell anyone because I fear people will make this a race issue. He pushed me down and slapped me but I think I made him angry by getting his face. I have no where to go. I am pregnant with his baby. he apologized after and was very concerned about me. he said he snapped because I made him so mad. what should I do????