I need some advice


my boyfriend and I have recently started dating, we dated once but broke things off and a year later we are back together. I thought it was a sign but I'm having second thoughts. He has been become annoying, constantly texting me and calling me. I told him before to relax and stop texting and calling so much and he wont stop. I do appreciate that he wants to talk to me and spend time with me but a girl can only take so much. I dont know what to do, he acts like an obsessive stalker sometimes. He is starting to get annoying but at the same time he makes me really happy and constantly tells me how much he loves me. Im 18 and he is 19 ( his birthday is 5 days after mine) and I will be going to college in a city 4 hours away from him and I dont know if I can handle all of this from a long distance. what should I do, oh yeah my bestfriend is dating his bestfriend.