Depression meds or breastfeeding?


I was diagnosed today with MDD and PTSD-delayed. I was sexually and physically abused for many years as a child and have had issues since. I didn’t seek any professional help in the past due to foolishly thinking I could help myself.

I am now 27, married and have a 7 month LO. My mental health has diminished a lot since last year and I have realized I can not help myself without meds.

The physiologist who diagnosed me said I have two options:

1. Continue breastfeeding for another five months while attending counseling

2. Wean LO onto formula, start medicine and counseling simultaneously

I am torn between the two. I had set a goal of at least a year for myself...but I know my mental health needs to come first.

I asked my MIL and DH for their opinions. My MIL said to continue breastfeeding and my DH said it’s up to me.

I need your opinions CC.

**I have heard of depression meds safe during breastfeeding, but I don’t believe they are available to me since I have Tricare**


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