Am I a bad mother? (comment please)

Alexa • 💕

So I had my daughter at age 16 and I know it’s young but I loved but sadly he didn’t love me as much and left me 4 days before I gave birth. So while being a single mother and taking care of her I decided to be a cool and young mom, so sometimes if I wanted to have a little fun because I would work all day I would leave my daughter with my mom and go to a club and party a little or go on a date. I know this was kind of selfish of me but what can you do I was young. I love my daughter so much! 💕I also let her have a boyfriend if she wants (but she doesn’t) and I just let her be free but not to the point were she gets pregnant and has sex all day, but I’m happy she gets honor rolls and always makes me proud!

What do y’all think? 🤔

( I’m on the left with the new year headband! )

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