Tired of being the "cool and tolerant Christian girl"


My New Years resolution was to use the bible as a guide and connect back with Jesus. I'm a sophomore in highschool, and I always told them that I was the "cool and tolerant Christian". (But that was last year!). This makes them think that they can call me out my name (curse words) and disrespect me when I show up/help them. Its draining and I don't have the time. I feel like an outsider sometimes. My friend group consists of: an atheist gay guy, an agnostic girl, a girl who thinks she's pregnant, a Christian girl but she curses way too much, and an agnostic guy. Some of them criticized Christianity in the past, but it still hurts me. I don't like engaging in spiritual debates anyways. I've made a lot of secular friendships in the past, but it's super draining. I feel like an outcast. I didn't know becoming a born-again Christian would mean a TON of internal/external conflict. Any feedback would be nice, God bless you ☀️