Need help.. in the bathroom..

So long story short, I havent pooped in almost a week. Its not like I dont want to, I just cant! It is starting to get really frustrating because when you get backed up like this it doesnt allow you to completely empty your bladder so I constantly feel like I have to pee and Im worried I am going to get a UTI. I have tried drinking multiple cups of coffee, stretching, lots of water, sitting on the toilet for hours trying to will it out, but nothing is working. I am thinking about trying laxatives but I never have before and idk what to get. I also currently live in a dorm where 4 of us share one bathroom and i am worried about being in there for too long and being in their way. Does anyone know which kind of laxatives I should try and how long I'd be... occupied... or any other solutions?? Desperate at this point.