My 9 y/o daughter stole from her friend!

She went to a friends house on Tuesday and the friend showed her a new wallet she got for Xmas. It was left unattended any my daughter stole €20 from it! I can’t believe it! I know she’s not perfect but we’ve taught her not to steal, right from wrong, etc. Daughter took the €20 to school today and started buying her friends snacks. The friend she took it from asked if it was her money and my daughter denied it but said she’d buy her something and give her €5 of the change. What the! We have the means to get her everything she needs and if she wants to buy snacks from school, all she has to do is ask and we’ll give her the money to do so. We just recently moved to a new school and live in a small town. She’s the oldest and setting the tone for her younger siblings, and it’s not good! And how this makes us look as parents, I’m embarrassed! Anyway, the mom called and talked to my husband, he said he couldn’t imagine our daughter taking anything but he’s talk to her. Once confronted, she admits it. No words! We’re driving her over there to return the money and apologize. What else can we do? I honestly do t even know what to say or what punishment is acceptable. Suggestions and feedback are appreciated, but please keep the parent bashing and your ‘highness’ to yourself. Thanks in advance