What should I do

Kimmy • Story of my life.. ttc newly married💕

So heres the thing. ever since me and my husband got married last year. my mother n law has changed. I already kinda knew that she didn't like me much. (married into a somewhat racist family) now she treats my husband like he doesn't exist. but every time we have problems she tries to buy him. we both own our own home and recently got into an argument. she went so far as to buying him everything new for his house and told him that he should move back home. our fight wasn't even all that bad. he came back home. she want wave or speak to me and she barely even talks to him. ill tell you this. she broke my heart on. Christmas even. she and my brother in law and sister n law bought our gifts to us and mine was an elderly persons pj set. his were two American eagle outfits. He cried and so did I. we cried bc we felt that she did that to be hurtful. I hate that my husband has married me and has to go through this bc of me.

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