Crazy ex best friend.


Ok guys I know I’m going to sound like a bitch but I need to vent/get advice...

ok so when me and my now husband first started dating, his crazy (girl best friend) started getting super jealous and rude towards my husband as if she was the only girl he was allowed to see or hang out with so I payed down the line because I was no comfortable at all and so he ended up breaking off his “friendship” with her which I appreciated and made it know I was thankful he did it. Then a few months go buy we get married and then she gets brought up in a conversation and come to found out she had always wanted to be more than friends she had major feelings for him and was pretty much opposed with him.. I have tried to brush it off and get over it because obviously I am the one that got him in the end I get to spend my life with him. But then tonight..... he informs me that one of his friends from high school passed away from high school and if he can make it work, with work and such he would like to go and pay his respects and I said ya that would be great I think you should totally do that. And then.... he says the only this that would make him not want to go but wasn’t really that important is that this ex friend would be there because she was friends with this friend that passes as well and I said of course she is that’s just freakin dandy and I said well it obviously isn’t the best idea if you thought about it in your head and you hesitated to even tell me... and he said ya it’s not really that big deal though because we both want I pay respects and I said yup that’s great and walked away.. I’m just really confused and kinda rather upset because first off he was trying to not even say anything. And then second he knows how I feel about her. So I don’t know what’s your guys advice. Am I being over dramatic? What should I do?