Parent rant(long)

Okay so I’m 24, I don’t live at home with my parents, I have a job and go to school and take care of my kid..

I went over to my parents with my son to see them and do some work on the computer for school, my dad asked if I could clean up the kitchen so when he comes back from the store he can make dinner, since I’m still working I asked if my 12 yr old brother can start it and when I’m done I’ll take over, both of my parents laugh and say no.. so little bit later on I asked my mom what the big deal was that my brother put away dishes, she goes OFF talking about how he doesn’t know how and how they do so much for me (every time I visit them they ask me to clean their kitchen or clean something) i don’t even live there and I wasn’t planning on staying for dinner anyway... she grabs a broom and starts swinging it around and throws it across the room and starts slamming and throwing glass plates telling me how she wants to hit me all in front of my son and how I make her that way.. so I got our coats and shoes on and left, the day before that she tried to hit me in front of my son also. She gets mad she doesn’t get a reaction out of me and it escalates from there