I want to have a baby.

Let me start off by saying keep your judgment comments I came to speak my mind.

I am currently 23 years old and so is my boyfriend we have been together for about 8-9 months and have been “dating” a little over a year. We both have been trying since June 2017 to have a baby. Constantly having sex at least 7-10 times a day for 3 months straight with no results. Rewind to February of 2016, I had recently left a 3 year relationship and had found out I was pregnant by my ex. I was in a mixed awe. I wanted that baby more than life itself. But in May 2016, I lost my baby after only 19 weeks of pregnancy. I’m starting to believe that I can’t have kids and I know how bad my boyfriend wants one. I see him looking at baby cribs, we talk about baby names all the time. I’m just confused 😞