Need to rant!!

GEEZE! I am way too overwhelmed right now! My 4 kids (4,6,8, & 14) have been home from school for nearly 3 weeks straight now, Christmas break then closings due to the weather. It's too cold to go out side and our 800 square foot house is not enough room for them! The walls are seriously closing in on Me! I've been fighting a depression spell for just over a week now. Getting next to no sleep despite taking Melatonin. I use sex as stress relief but, my sex life with my SO, which has never been all that great has taken a serious nose dive! I can't even masturbate bc, there is always someone near me in this house! Even at night the kids often roam the house for a drink of water or to pee. My SO is stressing me out major! I thought after his custody case last week going in his favor, (he won full custody only had to give his ex a few extra hours a week, they have been going at it for almost 2 years now. Side note: she's really too irresponsible to keep them more right now. She likes to party too much.) that he would chill out and stop stressing for a while but, no he didn't even make it a full 48hrs. I know stressing about your kids is normal and good but, he stressing ABOUT EVERY LITTLE THING! (his are the 4 & 6 yo, mine are the 8 & 14 yo) Our shitty house is falling a part! We have at least 2 dozen leaks in our roof. Our head board literally fell through the floor at 4am the other night bc, of water leaking down inside the wall (had no idea it was leaking there!) and the subfloor was so wet that the bed fell through It! I'm discovering new leaks everyday! 😩 I had Pnemonia the week after Christmas plus all my kids. I'm still not 100%. My youngest has strep and my middle boy threw up his breakfast all over the table today. My oldest boy stayed home from school the 1 day they went last week bc, he was vomiting everywhere. My SO keeps offering to bring stuff home so I don't have to go out on the bad roads but, I'm dieing HERE! I'd almost rather be stuck in a ditch just so I could feel some excitement and adrenaline that isn't caused by my angry frustration bc, one child injured another over the smallest THING! I haven't been drunk in many, many years but, honestly, leaving the kids with daddy and drinking whiskey till I pass out sounds fantastic right now! (whiskey always makes me horny though and sex is off the table from my man right now so...) I'm losing It! Update: Stores here suck!!! No whiskey but, I got this for my self for dinner!