Advice on what to do with a 13 month old breastfed baby for a day

Hi everyone ,

I have gum surgery at my dentist office which only takes about an hour or two . However we recently moved 6 hours away from the drs office .

My son is still breastfeeding , I never thought I would last this long but he doesn’t take a bottle and it’s so hard to get him to wean . He drinks water out of a sippy cup but noting more.

I tried pumping and for some reason I can’t even get a drop after 30 min of pumping . I used to be able to pump a lot .

He is a picky eater and I struggle daily for him to eat regular food . He has 12 if his teeth .

Anyway, I want to go to the appointment and leave my son with my husband for the day but don’t know whT to do about breastfeeding.

I think leaving him at home is better then putting him through 12 hours in the car . (6 hours each way )

What would you do if you were in my shoes ? Is it evil to let him not nurse for a day ? I try giving him milk but he doesn’t really like it .

Need advice ! Thanks in advance !