Husband changed his mind about second baby 😢


I’ve been very emotional lately. We have been ttc for about 4 months and we were both totally on board with having another baby. We just moved away from my family for my husband’s job and he’s been working long hours. I had been feeling really sad and lonely staying home all day with our son. I’m sure some other stay at home moms can relate when you don’t have anyone else to talk to all day. So my husband came home and I told him I was sad, I was having doubts about having another child because maybe I’ll feel even more isolated and alone. I truly do want another baby but in the moment I was having doubts. I thought my husband would make me feel better and reassure me but instead he said I was right that we should wait. Then he started thinking about how much better financially we will be. He says now he doesn’t want to have another one and not be able to do anything fun because we can’t afford it. (We can afford it but obviously finances will be tighter). A week has gone by and now I feel like I made the biggest mistake ever talking to him. I asked him today if he ever wants another child and he said yes but we’re not ready. We were ready a month ago and my son is already 5. I feel like if we don’t now we never will. I definitely don’t want kids like 10 years apart. I’m so sad about this. I feel like it’s all my fault for saying anything. I’m too emotional sometimes.