Newborn poop 💩 (picture warning )


Okay so I want to start with this is going to be very TMI. we switched my girl who’s now a month old to Gerber soothe formula about 2 weeks ago and she started having clay like bowel movements that you can literally pick up without them falling apart ( but not really hard still mushy) and straining and grunting to pass them. The doctor recommended we try prune juice 1 oz a day which seemed to work for a week they went back to normal seedy and a bit runny and now she won’t drink the prune juice and her stools are back to the clay like and only about every 2 days. Is this normal or should I be concerned. She woke up from a nap today screaming and continued to scream as she passed a bm that was very awful smelling and clayish. Please help I’m very worried but the doctor doesn’t seem too concerned by it.