LO is 8 weeks and 99.9% of the time is being held HELP!!!

Carmi • FTM TO AN AMAZING BOY AIDEN 11/26/2017 💙

Since the 2nd night in the hospital, he has NOT slept in a bassinet. For two weeks he slept on my chest, now he resides on my bed. Hubby sleeps on the couch 😪. He has a crib, bassinet, a sleeper/rocker BUT he rather sleeps on my bed. He sleeps absolutely fine on my bed next to me. If I leave the bed, he wakes up crying for me. He’s held 99.99999% of the time during the day. If I attempt to lay him down on his boppy or sleeper, he wakes up and starts to fuss. FTM and I don’t like the cry it out method. He’s EBF . It’s hard to do things around the house. He has to be in a carrier in order for me get things done. I’m exhausted. My arm is exhausted. I took 12 weeks off and my MIL will be watching him for 3 months . I’m hoping she can break him out of this because I can’t. HELP !!