I finally told my fiancé!

Alexandra • 22, Special Education Assistant, Engaged 💍, Mommy to a premature rainbow baby girl 8/3/2018 🌈 👶🏽🎀

Backstory: In August of 2017 we lost our first pregnancy and I have to have a d&c; following my missed miscarriage. It was the most difficult experience together yet. We decided we would start trying again as soon as I was cleared by the doctor to do so. October and November both ended in bfn tests. So we bought preseed and used it in December.

Fast forward: My fiancé and I both work for the same school and he was invited to go on a trip to Disney World with a selected group of students. So my fiancé got home from Disney world last night and had been gone since last Tuesday. I didn’t want to tell him before hand and cause him to worry his whole trip, so I decided to surprise him when he got back. I forgot to take pictures of my set up so I’m using the pictures from online..this is what I used to tell him!

Along with a “new dad” book for him to read and a pregnancy journal for me. And a lion king card that let you write your own message and I taped a bunch of pregnancy test strips inside! He was/is beyond excited and happy but he is super cautious this time and doesn’t want to share the news quite yet. Our first ultrasound is scheduled for our 6th anniversary on February 6!