Clingy Boys

Mia • Yo, I’m a Physics major and I’m still figuring life out slowly.

Okay so this guy I hooked up with back in like November keeps snap chatting me, like those “You up?” Snaps, and it’s always the nights before I have classes. The guy is starting to get annoying and clingy.

I keep telling him well after midnight that I need to sleep and he just keeps trying to convince me to stay up so he can come over. I don’t think he fully understands what I mean when I say clearly “I need to get some f***ing sleep!”, and I mean like it takes him hours to understand, and then he gets annoyed and pissed at me for not letting him come over at like 1:00AM.

I do want a relationship with someone but the sex wasn’t that great, plus

if the guy isn’t listening to me about what I mean and won’t take me seriously, it bugs me ALOT.

Obviously, it’s definitely not going to work out, I’m just trying to figure out how to let him down when he asks again tonight.


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