Switching Places


Do you mommies ever wanna switch places with the other parent,so that you could have a peaceful day while they deal with everything that you go through? My 2 soon to be 3yr old daughter has been asking for her daddy and he just gives me so many excuses it’s pissing me off. He works all night and sleeps until 4 Orr 5 in the ending and has plenty of time to come see her before work @ 9:30 but chooses not to. And I think my daughter is starting to realize what’s going on. It’s gotten to the point where my daughter has told me recently while on the phone with her father that daddy won’t come over. He wanted me to tell her he was coming to see her this weekend and I told him no bc I didn’t want her to get her hopes up when he changes plans. I didn’t want my daughter to grow disappointed in her father like I was with mine bc he never showed up.