Just need some advice. please help.

Shannon B

cd33 6dpo 3 days late( according to the app but I normally have my period around cd16.)

Im afraid to see that bfn again. I just want to know but so afraid to be disappointed again.

Symptoms, some, bbt is rising every day, cervix is so high I cant hardly feel it, but Ive seen all of you women struggling to conceive and have everything Im having only to get that bfn and af right after.

We've been trying for over 2 yeats, fertility doctors, 20 rounds of medications, 3 trigger shots, 2 <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IUI</a>, endometriosis, removal of right ovary and fallopian tube...

took 1 test 2 weeks ago and nothhing since.1


Im patiently waiting my 2 weeks. That will be cd41

My last period was Jan. 12-16

I started testing with opk on Jan. 18 cd7. I started getting high surge blinky smiley faces on Jan. 27 cd16 and tested with a high surge until Feb 5 cd25. I got my peak surge solid smiley face on Feb. 6 cd26. I am now on cd31 Feb. 13 and still no af.

Is this bad? Could something be wrong