I can’t believe what he did...

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So my bf was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness so birthdays, Christmas, all holidays are not a thing. Which we have discussed and it’s not a problem with me to not celebrate them. However, I do feel like every once in a while some kind of gift or something to make me feel like hey I’m thinking of you would be nice. Am I wrong for that? And how do I go about bringing this up?

**** it’s not about the gift or what he gets me or anything like that it’s more of like the thought

So after I posted this... he picked me up from work with this

All in my car. He laid down my seats, put an air mattress in the back and had a comforter covering all of these balloons. A glass of champagne and a movie 😭😍

Then we got home and he had these waiting on the table for me

I love him so much ❤️

He said it’s not Valentine’s Day I don’t celebrate that. This is just Matt loves Krista