I DID IT!!!!


I made a goal to breastfeed for a year. Well, she couldn’t latch. So I made a goal to pump for a year or to at least have breastmilk for her for a year. And I did it!!! She is a year old in 5 days and I am just about done weaning off the pump. I have a nice stash of breast milk in the freezer which should last a while since we have introduced cows milk as well. I am so proud of myself. Pumping has proven to be so wildly inconvenient and time consuming, but I have been able to provide for my daughter for a whole year. No more leaving my ICU patients to pump when I should be by their side. No more delaying play time, date night, or life in general to attach myself to a pump. I commend you all that can do it longer than a year. My chunk chunk baby has been my motivation and I would do it all over again and again.