All day sickness


Hi all..... I am having one hell of a time dealing with my persistent, strong nausea and occasional vomiting. It does not let up for a single second from the minute I wake up until I go to bed- although I have noticed it is more intense right after I wake up and right before I go to bed. I'm 7 weeks today and I've had it since 5w3d but it seems to be getting worse. Anyway, I hope I'm not coming off as a whiney little wimp- it's just really tough 🤢 My questions for those of you who have had similar experiences:

1. About how long did you have the all day sickness? When did it start and end?

2. What'd you do for relief?

3. Any positive affirmations or thoughts that got you through it?!

Thank you and Happy Valentines Day loves 💝