Should i make this an open relationship?


hi guise so ur girl finally got a man after being single for my whole life

my problem is

i know that men are always fantasizing about other women and seeing other girls that are way hotter and a whole lot better than me

a man will never truly keep his eyes on one women he will always wander

ive been seeing my bf liking pictures of females that are attractive but look absolutely nothing like me and i know the whole "oh its nothing hes just looking if he doesnt act on it it doesnt matter" but to me even the fantasy part is not okay because i will never be enough to keep him only with me

it makes me question his feelings for me all the time but guys dont like it when women try to control those things so i just keep my sadness to myself

i was thinking today maybe if i just turned it into an open relationship or even brought the idea to him i would like to see his pov on it. this would include him being able to indulge in his fantasies without being unfaithful i would just be holding his life back and life is really too short to not do the things you truly wanna do

i however wouldnt have sex with or entertain and other males emotionally cause this is really the last man im ever going to let in my life romantically i am only 20 yes i can make that choice. i know he fantasizes about 3 somes and i feel like men only want 3 somes so they can have sex with another woman without cheating and i dont really like females so that out the question

but i just want him to be happy and do the things his heart desires because we only get one life

im afraid hell deep down want to do it but will tell me no because he will think hes hurting me and id rather give him the okay rather than getting cheated on because he cant hold back his desires. i do feel like eventually he will find someone better and move on from me and i dont wanna be hurt when he does.