Desperate for sex!

So my boyfriend and I used to have sex 3 times a night and since I have a ridiculously high sex drive, I looooooved it!

But for the past month I’m lucky if I even get a touch on my boob and my vibrator can only do so much!

Valentine’s Day came and so did the red tide so there goes my guaranteed bang (I hate having sex on my period. So messy 🙄) so he got a blow job (because why should he suffer?)

And last night I slept at his and wore my sexiest thong and bra to have him finish during foreplay and then he falls asleep. I’m just like

In bed waiting for him to wake up from his slumber this morning. But nothing. It has been sooooo long and I’m getting desperate. I’m not gonna see him now for another week and idk what to say to him 😭