My boyfriend was very aware that I was a virgin. He went down on me then attempted to not use a condom to break my virginity. I asked him if he had one and he said, “No, I don’t have any. We don’t need one. What, you think I’m going to nut in you?” He started to put the tip in and I told him no (I don’t want to continue) and he stopped. He ended up going to the store to buy some. We always talked about my first time, but didn’t think it would happen when it did. The second time he tried the same thing even though he had the condoms that he bought from the last time. What is that lol?

When it was over, he went to the bathroom to ejaculate and I’m in the bed thinking to myself, is that it? It was a little fast for me to say it was my first time. This happened the second time too. I’m not having sex with him for a while because it never lasts long enough for me. I asked him why and he said, “It takes us long to get started, you give me blue balls.” I said what is that lmao.