So I've recently started taking probiotics and they've basically changed my life lol. I had chronic BV since 2014 and I was in and out the GYN taking antibiotics that would only keep the bad bacteria at bay for 6 months or so. But even a long period would bring it back. I switched up a lot the last few years (NO summers <a href="">eve</a> products, cut back on sugar severely and drank water 90% of the time, no tampons, and wore only comfortable underwear).

Recently I experienced a period 2 weeks after the last one ended and it came right back. I started to think about what BV really was (overgrowth of bad bacteria vs good bacteria) and started researching probiotics and it completely wiped out the BV in a few days, decreased the amount of discharge, and my pH balance is back on track. With all of this, there's less stress when I'm having sex therefore I'm much wetter and able to really enjoy it and last longer. What probiotics are you all taking? Mine is the Ultimate Flora 25 billion and it works like a dream!