what should i do?


i’m a junior in high school and this guy i’ve been talking to is a senior.......he’s in love with me and im falling for him more and more everyday. he told me that he has a crush on this girl that doesn’t go to our school but when i’m with him i forget to back off because everything is so in the moment and it feels right. there was an event around town that he was going to and i found out that i had to go. i told him i was going and he said he was going with the other girl and my heart dropped....but i was already aware of her. we still kiss and fool around but our relationship is like best friends but it’s still hard knowing she’s still in the mix. he’s going away to college across the country and i’m struggling on if i should force myself to loose feelings because the guy i dated before him broke my heart and i don’t wanna shut down on him but i don’t wanna fall back into depression