So, I’m going to make this as general as possible because it’s very embarrassing to me.

I originally put this in rant but moved it here because this is extremely controversial.

My grandparents gave me an old iPad for Christmas this past year. At first I thought I was getting my messages, then soon realized these weren’t my messages on this iPad, they were my step-grandfathers. He was texting his first cousin about how he wanted to be with her, loved her, and wishes he could get a divorce and they could run away. (Also other things that aren’t appropriate for glow).

As a result of this, I showed these messages to my grandmother which in turn, she showed my step grandfather that night. He messages me that night cussing me out, saying I invaded his privacy. *i did nothing to make these messages show up, he was already logged into his iCloud when I received the iPad*.

This morning, his daughter texts me saying she is disgusted by my actions and that I have invaded everyone’s privacy including hers because she messaged him “private texts” (I never saw these, and put the iPad away as soon as I read the nasty incest messages)

However, although I feel I did the right thing by telling my grandmother, his ENTIRE side of the family has some sort of vendetta against me and thinks I am a despicable human... so I have to ask, did I do the right thing? Isn’t incest something that should be brought up? This ISNT okay in my eyes, and I’ve felt sick and nasty ever since I discovered those messages.