am I crazy ? Overthinking? 🤯🤔 please comment below

Sssooo I’ve been talking to this guy and he is finnnneeee 🤤 he’s 21 I’m 20 tonight we were just chilling at his place listening to music and he both had a drink , I was sitting on his bed the entire time while he sat in a chair next to the bed. We talked for a min but I was making the conversation He was just responding and he’s also not a good texter we don’t have much conversation we were on our phone most of the night not talking just listening to the music. I looked on the bed and noticed long stans of hair he has a low cut so of course they don’t belong to him , he washes clothes somewhere else so I’m not sure if maybe it came from that and he just moved into this apartment so I’m thinking make the comforter belonged to his mom or one of his 4 sisters and it came from them. I really like him and I’m thinking that maybe I’m overthinking everything I feel like there may be another girl he’s seeing (the hair is the only reason I’m assuming this) which isn’t my business I guess because we aren’t dating we’re just talking right now but anyway I made up an excuse and came home, I text him once I made it home and he told me to call him later tonight but we’re still texting in the mean time.

Ugh 🤦🏽‍♀️ what do you guys think ? 🤷🏽‍♀️am I being paranoid I can’t tell if he likes me 🤔 I’m confused. maybe the drinks are why he was so quiet?

Btw he gave me a hug and rubbed my booty a little when I left which I didn’t mind because I was comfortable with it just saying lol


He wants to see me again today 👀 I’m think about giving him another chance , just to see if things get better but if there isn’t any vibe or conversation then this will be the last time. I will let you all know how this goes 👍🏽