so I with in the last month started working at IHOP in the town close to where I live. It's not a great job but for only being 2 days a week now bad since I'm a hostess. with that being said I hate it. true it's not the worst thing out there but the crap i deal with isn't worth it. I'm constantly cleaning off tables(wish we have bus boys for) get told off for sitting someone's section if they don't want someone, constantly run back and forth doing stuff that is not what I'm supposed to be doing and I've even been almost assaulted by a customer because someone told them they would be seated next but they weren't. I only work 2 days a week and the most I've ever made was $77. I am not supposed to work period but I have bills that need payed. I recently found out I'm expecting and when I told my boss that I will most likely be leaving he God an attitude with me and said some half ads understanding crap under his breath. I'm just so ready to leave but I'm not good at doing stuff like that