Pacifier issues with grandparents

Phillips • Baby Boy born July 20th 2016 Baby Girl Born August 24th 2018 😊❤️

Anyone else have issues with grandparents and pacifiers? My son is 18 months and we plan on taking he pacifier away eventually but when I think he’s ready and I have a system and a way I want to do it. Well every time he’s at my in laws his grandpa will take it from his mouth and withhold it from him causing him to cry and get upset. He hates that he has a pacifier and always make rude comments about it but all he does it make it worse, He does fine when he’s playing he doesn’t need it but when his grandpa purposely does it it just causes problems 🤦🏼‍♀️ I just wish he would leave it be and trust me to make the call and how to take it away without putting unneeded stress on my son.