Okay so some of you may have seen my original post, if I didn’t delete it.. I don’t remember. I could go check but nah, I’ll sum it all up for you.

So basically I was babysitting my friends daughter on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am (sometimes 7am) until 1:30. It was all cool in the beginning, she’d get there on time and it worked. But slowly I felt them taking advantage of time. They weren’t paying me near enough ($20 for 6 hours) when other people I babysit for pay be $10 an hour! I was starting to feel overwhelmed with school and my other job and was thinking about stopping with babysitting her. But i didn’t, then they began not paying me on time, not returning to pick up their daughter on time, when I have class on those days at 2:00! So finally I decided that I need to stop and I told her. I said I’d finish out this week but then I need to be done.

Well... lemme tell y’all what happened... so i showed up there this morning at 7:30. I told her I needed to be done by 1 or 1;30 at the latest, she said “okay, if my husband isn’t home before 2 text my mother and she’ll come get the baby” so I did. I texted her husband, asked when he’d be home and he wasn’t gonna be home until after 2, so I texted her mother.... i said “hey she said to text you if no one was home before 2, I have class and I need to go home first so could you come get their daughter”

Her mom blew up on ME. MEEEE. Then continued and said “nothing against you they just need a more dependable babysitter” I took it VERY FUCKING personal. I have let them take advantage of my time, of me. Not paying me enough, always being late, stressing me out etc.

Her mother continued saying that she shouldn’t have to change her schedule to watch her granddaughter, I responded calmly and said “i understand, you shouldn’t have to. And if i could I would stay I just need to go home and study before a test and before my class” her mother then said “nothing personal but I was in school with 3 kids, working full time, keeping the house clean, mowing the lawn. They need a more dependable person.”

I have been babysitting for years..

I have never felt so disrespected in my life, I started crying. Bawling.

My boyfriend and my dad told me not to finish out this week for them. And don’t eant me returning at all. I’m just lost on how to handle the entire thing...