What should I do?


To start off I live in the west of the US. Me and my fiancé have been on a payment arrangement for the last couple months with our apartment due to me not having a job after my two month old was born and his hours were lowered. We found out today that the manager actually wasn’t supposed to be doing payment arrangements and the apartments manager wants the full payment by Friday and the full payment on April 1st along with a deposit worth as much as a months rent.

We don’t have the money to pay any of that as it would be around 3 grand so instead of getting evicted from the first place we’ve never rented the other manager suggested we just skip payment. If we don’t the eviction will be sent on Sunday and it’ll be $80 a day for the attorney fee for a month until the police can kick us out and we’ll be responsible for all that money.

What I’m struggling with is we have a place to stay for a couple weeks but my fiancé’s job is giving him the opportunity to leave to Alabama until September with housing and pay for the drive there. I won’t have a job here still but my mom will let me and my daughter room with her but with insanely strict rules. Her health insurance is here but it will cost more for me and her to stay here than to leave with him. But she has a wellness check in two months and me and her will have to fly back for it for a couple days.

We can’t rent anywhere right now because we messed up our credit it straight out of high school and even now that we’re 20 we’re just getting to the 500s.

In your opinions what should I do?

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