How do I tell her


So I’m 17 now btw....but anyways when I was 13 until I was 15 my moms boyfriend use to rape and molest me everyday for those 2 and a half years...I never really thought much about it I really just blocked it out and act like nothing was happening until last year my teacher asked me to right a poem about my childhood and I started to panic because that was the first thing that came to mind. You guys I didn’t know what to do. So I wrote the poem or whatever and my teacher asked if I was okay because my poem made her cry....I’ll post it below......anyway I have never told my mom because we have never had the best relationship and she doesn’t trust me and I feel like if I tell her she”ll try to kill him or reverse and blame it on me ....I have a problem with telling her because while they were together they had my favorite little sister and I don’t want her to grow up without a father in her life like I did. So what do I do

Every night I use to cry

I felt like I wanted to die

He came whenever he wanted

Whether morning, day, or night

I never knew when it began

It never seemed to end

I just lay there lifeless

As I wait for you to become restless

You thought it was okay

Everyday I use to pray

That tommorow would not be the same

But it never worked because you always came

When I found out you did it to my sister

She told me she had another mister

I felt guilty because i was lowkey relieved

That he had moved on from me

I couldn’t bear the thought of her going through that hell

S I told her we had to bail

She wouldn’t go with me

She didn’t want to leave her sissy.

I felt her pain badly

I had to leave without her sadly

I never told anyone

I should’ve told someone.