Would you consider this a red flag? (need honest answers)

This guy and I have been communicating back and forth with each for quite some now and he’s really cool and he wants to take out sometime but we haven’t set anything up just yet. I’m not gonna lie, I feel like I could really like this guy.

Just now I watched his Snapchat story and he posted a screenshot of his ex texting him and saying they hope he forgives them.. 👀 From the looks of the screenshot the ex mostly texts him every now and then but he doesn’t respond and the screenshot he posted he told them to fuck off. This also reminded me of his Snap from like 2 weeks or so ago when he made saying about how love hurts or whatever.

So, my question is would you guys consider this a red flag? Like, one of those situations where the guy is not completely over his ex and all that? I would REALLY love to hear your guys opinions and thoughts!