First week of life in the hospital

Rosey β€’ First time Mommy to beautiful princess πŸ€±πŸ½πŸŽ€ Pregnant with baby # 2 🀰🏽❀️

Today marks one week since I had my baby girl πŸ’• 2 days after having my princess I ended up with a fever of 103 which was caused by a uti that lead to a really bad kidney infection and bacteria in my blood. For days I was poked with needles had ultrasounds and CTs I didn’t sleep barely ate I cried so much 😞 I felt like my body was failing me . But my husband was so unbelievably AMAZING this experience has brought us so much closer ! And seeing my daughter made me smile and my heart fill with joy ! She’s so perfect to me ! I’m sad her first week of life was spent in the hospital but I’m happy that it has finally come to an end and we get to go home today πŸ˜„ here is my princess

Laylani Marie Rivera πŸŽ€

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