Can’t feel iud strings, need advice please.


I got the Kyleena IUD a months ago and my GYN cut the threads pretty short, when he checked on the 23rd he said they were about one cm out of my cervix and everything looked great (pap smear also came out good, nothing concerning). I haven’t had any bleeding or a period since, some very mild cramping and spotting here and there but nothing scary.

Well, until now. I noticed my discharge was a darker color but I have been spotting so I assumed that’s normal. I went to check my strings and I can’t find them and I have two small bumps on my cervix. I’m thinking wait a week and if I can’t feel them then make an appointment to see an available doctor ASAP (GYN only comes to my town once a month and most of our doctors are booked up to a month out), also my cervix is very soft and low like it would be if I was on my period but my period is 6 days late, as to be expected.

Should I be worried about any of the mentioned; bumps, no strings and no period?

Also how do I change <a href="">EVE</a> so it doesn’t say my period is late? I changed it to the IUD setting the day I got it.