My turn!


After false labor for weeks, my little man made his entrance at exactly 40 weeks today. I got my membranes stripped at my OB apt this morning and I was 3 cm, 100% effaced, and very soft. I had my bloody show during the sweep and my OB said she thought my waters would break today if I took a walk. She was right! At about 1:45 pm, my water broke and after grandparents drove over to watch my toddler, my husband and I made it to the hospital at 3:45 pm. I had a natural delivery and baby boy came out at 5:42 pm- 8 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long! I got a minor first degree scrape and got a couple stitches. I desperately wanted the epidural, but I was already in transition by the time I got to the hospital and there wasn’t even time to change my dress (thankfully labor friendly) and the nurses couldn’t get an IV in me.. I am so happy and already feel pretty good. Thank you God!

Welcome baby Oliver!