vegetarian or not?


I'm 32 and been veggie 26 years. my son is 6 and been veggie all his life. I thought he might want to eat meat as he got older but he doesn't. If he did want to eat meat I have no problem with that. My son's dad (my ex) is also veggie and my son goes there some weekends. my new partner eats meat and we are expecting our baby girl in August. We have spoken about our baby being veggie or a meat eater and to be honest I'm not sure what option to go for. I'm not veggie because of religious or cultural reasons. I have no problem with my partner eating meat. When we cook we made meals that can be adapted and we use different spoons etc... to mix our dishes. so I don't have a problem with meat in the house. I'm just not really sure what to do. any advice or if you are in or were in the same position when one of you is veggie and the other one isn't. Please let me know what you did. thank you x