Nexplanon Rant...


A few years ago my mother decided to put her 3 teenage girls on birth control, told us to say we wanted it when the doctors asked, come on. She’s our mother, she knows best... Right?..

Around October/November of 2016 I went in to get my Nexplanon implant (BC in your arm) I had HORRIBLE trouble with this BC, bleed for 6 months STRAIGHT! Constant pain, doctors trips every week, in the hospital twice, it was just all around horrific.

Fast forward to December of 2017, I got the implant removed, they advised against it said “it’s good for almost another year!” I told them I wanted it removed or I’d go else where. Naturally when you get something that you put in or on your body from a doctor there’s normally a list of things that could happen, there was nothing. When I got the implant I was never told any side effects, I was never told anything bad about it...

It’s now March, I’ve heard from SEVERAL people that have been on that specific BC that they are no longer able to get pregnant...

You can all imagine my shock, WHAT!?

All I’ve ever wanted in life was to have a baby, to be a mother, to give birth to a child and know that that child is my blood..

Now yes of course I can still be a mother through adoption and fostering but I want that unbreakable bond. I want to feel him/her move around in my stomach. I want to watch my stomach expand and know that nothing in the world can harm them..

My neighbor has a son, she got the implant then shortly got it removed and since has had no luck getting pregnant and staying pregnant.. She was high risk with two very early on and lost them both.

Will I ever become a mother..?

I’ve had the breast tenderness, I’ve had the nausea, I’ve had the negative tests time and time again.. How does one have symptoms and not be pregnant..?

Has the implant taken away my chance..?