why do some women need ALL the attention?

Why do some pregnant women feel like they need all of everyones attention? And all anyone is allowed to talk about is THEIR unborn baby and pregnancy?

Also why do some pregnant women get all up in arms when they find out a relative or friend is pregnant as well? Like their stealing their spot light?

Why can't they just be happy for them?

I mean dont get me wrong pregnancy is a joyous thing and you should be happy and celebrate, but come the fuck on people!!

And let me just inform y'all, when your not around your pregnancy and unborn child are barley talked about, your not royalty so take a chill pill.

(not directed to the women whos relatives favor their brothers,sisters etc)

***I'm not jealous that anyone is pregnant, I actually dont believe anyone I know is currently pregnant.

This was in respone to some one elses nasty post about their SIL being pregnant at the same time as them and stealing all their thunder.

My sister and i actually got pregnant 2 months apart -hers was intentional while mine was an accident. But we were never bitter towards one another, we were happy our kids would grow up together