In laws


My husband and I are giving my inlaws their first grandchild. They are so excited and I expect that. My parents and sister are the only family i have in the state I live in. All my extended family lives up north in Maine and we live in Arkansas. My parents has always been the type of parents to allow their children to figure things out and not helicopter us(I have an older sister) when she had my niece she still lived at home with my parents and I( that was almost five years ago) and they always let her parent and figure it out in her own and only gave her advice when she asked. We told my inlaws in Friday about our pregnancy and after sharing the news they already started being a little overwhelming(okay actually a lot). I have a mental illness so pregnancy has already been a little rough on me mentally as it is any women. I’m rambling sorry. The point of this post is, does anyone have any advice on setting boundaries and how to get them across without being catty? I love my inlaws and they are so loving. I’m just extremely overwhelmed today and I need advice.