My internet friend...

Let's call my internet friend Mike. So I met Mike a few years ago on a minecraft server and we've talked ever since. (Also I'm only 12 and he's like 16) A while ago I told him I kinda liked him and he said he liked me too and has gotten creepy ever since. We were once talking and I can't remember what I said or answered to for him to do this but he said he was taking a shower and sent me a picture where I could see his fully body and his penis.

I was slightly freaked out and told him he looked nice. That moment has made me like him less but he's still like "ily best friend". At this point it's like he doesn't know my name anymore... We've also always had dreams of meeting up and having a sorta get together and he said he hinted that he wanted to have sex with me and like marry me.. It was slightly scary listening to him talk about it but i still liked him so I went along with it. I won't ever send him anything but I don't know what to do since he's all like buddy buddy with me and I don't like him as much as I used to...


I've seen pictures of him and I know his brother so I know he's around 16

He hasn't sent any more nudes which is good

I know you guys were saying to block him and whatnot which in all reality I probably should but he's not as creepy as other dudes that have talked to me. I've also known him for about 3 years and he's my friend so I'm not gonna just block him and stop talking to him


So I decided to confront him about the nudes and him being clingy and he said he didn't mean to and said he was gonna leave me alone for a while