can therapy just not be right for you?

i have depression and started therapy and antidepressants about 5 months ago. i recently told my therapist that i’m going to take a break from sessions, just because i feel like not much is getting done? i initially really liked her and was hopeful that i would be getting better with her help, but the majority of each session is trying to answer why i feel the way i do when my depression is at its worst, and i am always at a loss for words. a lot of the time when i could talk about how debilitating my depression can be sometimes, i was told that the solution is just pure willpower but i don’t think i have any. i kind of wanted to stop seeing a therapist because i feel like i don’t actually have anything to talk about, i don’t think there’s always a reason to why i feel depressed and that i can’t help it. but i know the point of therapy is to talk through your issues and figure out the best way to heal, so since i can’t dig deeper and talk about the way a therapist would need me to, is therapy just not really an option for me? sorry if this doesn’t really make sense.