Hi ladies! I'm 33 (soon to be 34 next week), my husband is 32. We've been married since Nov 2016, and have been TTC since August 2017. I've been told that you're supposed to seek a fertility specialist after 1 year of TTC, but we ended up having a consult after trying for 7 months. (It's early, I know, but my gut was telling me to seek help early) We're officially on our 9th month of trying now, and I've already had full on blood work done, ultrasound to check my follicle count, as well as an HSG x-ray to check my tubes. I'm vitamin D deficient, so my RE put me on high dose vitamin D supplements (4,000 iu) - they give me headaches. Ultrasound looked good, minus 1 tiny little fibroid in my uterus. Follicles are in the "normal" range for my age. But when I got my tubes checked, we discovered that one is fully blocked while the other is partially blocked (but practically blocked). 😭 So now we're waiting for our first <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a> consult with my RE which is in a couple of weeks 4/16. 🤞🏻

In the meantime I've been immersing myself into my MAMBI Happy Planner, and it's honestly like therapy. Definitely keeps my mind occupied, so I'm not crying (as much) over all of my friends pregnancy announcements via FB. 😕

Crossing my fingers and wishing you all tons of baby dust. ✨💫 XO.